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Bookli Ad September

Win a Kindle Fire HD and Heap of Ebooks!

Bookli Ad September

Bookli is excited to offer this exciting prize for any and all new subscribers for the month of September! We would love more of our fans and friends to sign on and support us as we grow. In exchange, you’ll get great Daily Deals right into your inbox. In addition, subscribers are now treated to excerpts of great fiction as well, with our Bookli First Page feature. Bookli First Page brings samples of affordable books to you and gives you a chance to sample before you buy. Also, we’re hoping to include Bookli Flash to the subscription as well, offering you the first look at short stories you won’t see anywhere else. Bookli is here to satisfy your book addiction, whether it’s offering you great deals, new fiction, samples, news, or reviews.

We also have some great things coming in 2015 that will be great not only for readers, but authors as well. Subscribing to Bookli will help keep you up-to-date on our offerings and events.

RULES: Sign up for Bookli Daily Deals┬áduring the month of September. You’ll have until 12:00 A.M (Central Time) on September 30th to enter. Wait. Win. Enjoy!

Prize Pack:

1 Kindle Fire HD


The Paparazzi Project by Kristina Springer

Boy Swap by Kristina Springer

Literary Agent by Sean Sweeney

The Green by Karly Kirkpatrick

The ENTIRE First Season of Sacrifice Me by Sarra Cannon

Dream Smashers by Angela Carlie

Hidden by Megg Jensen

Jenny’s Blue Velvet by AC Davis

Still Nights by AC Davis