TV: Game of Thrones Recap ~ Season Finale The Children

*Warning! This is dark and full of spoilers! If you haven’t seen this episode, I strongly encourage you to avert your eyes!*

One more season down, and plenty of deaths to talk about. I hope that there are more interesting characters to come in the series because they have killed off a lot of the ones we have come to love, or love to hate. This finale has by far been the one with the most deaths, and all of them were pretty epic. So let’s get started with the recap of the Season 4 finale of Game of Thrones, titled The Children.

GoT 4

The episode opens with Jon Snow heading over to Mance and the Wildlings to talk, but really, Jon is there to off Mance and end the Wildlings attack. Things start to get heated, when they are completely surprised by an outside force they didn’t exepect. Jon and Mance are interrupted by Stannis Baratheon and Davos, along with his army. They come out of nowhere to over take Mance’s army, and save Jon what most likely would have been his death. Jon drops the new to Stannis that he is the son of Ned Stark. Stannis tells him that he respected his father and thought that he was a great man. A new friendship, or at least a new alliance for next season? We’ll have to wait and see.

This episode bounced around a ton and dropped in on quite a few different characters. After Jon and Stannis, we go to Cersei for a couple scenes. First, she visits the Mountain, asking if he can be saved from his wounds. She then has a chat with her father and tells him the rumors about her and Jamie are true about and she won’t be marrying Ser Loras. She then takes the wonderful news about outing her incest to Daddy back to Jamie, which they celebrate by doing it, as per usual. After this, we jog over to Meereen where Daenerys’ dragons have killed a toddler. Oops. Daenerys locks the naughty dragons in a dungeon. Well, two of them. The third one is still out snacking. She sheds a few tears, and then it’s back to the action.

We finally get the best scene of Bran and the gang since they last almost all died. They are en route to the Three Eyed Raven, when they are attacked by skeletons out of the snow. Bran enters Hodor’s mind again and he starts killing skeletons with ease, but Jojen notices that Bran is about to be killed himself, so he sacrafices himself to save Bran. Some weird girl comes out of a cave and shoots fire at the skeletons and saves them. Unfortunately, it’s too late for Jojen, and his sister is forced to slice his throat to put him out of his misery. Sorry Ferb. Inside the cave they finally meet the Three Eyed Raven, which is some guy sitting on a tree. He tells Bran that he cannot give him the ability to walk, but he can teach him to fly.

Back in King’s Landing, we see not only family love, but the family revenge as well. Jamie comes into Tyrion’s cell leads him out. He has set up an escape. Tyrion thanks him, and then follows Jamie’s directions, but he takes a slight detour towards his fathers chambers. He finds Shae lying in his father’s bed, and when she notices him, she grabs a knife, and a fight ensues. Tyrion chokes her out permanently with her necklace. Tyrion is upset over this, and this leads him to grab a crossbow off his father’s wall and heads toward the bathroom where Tywin is doing his business. Tywin tries to reason with the son he has always hated, but Tyrion gives him one warning not to refer to Shae as a whore, and of course he does, which leads Tyrion to shoot him, not once, a couple of times until he’s dead on the toilet. He runs out to meet Varys and is loaded onto a ship. Varys decides to join Tyrion in his escape after hearing the alarm bells ring in King’s Landing, figure whatever they signified wasn’t good for either of them. Probably a good move.

After that we meet up Brienne and Podrick, who run into Arya and the Hound. Brienne and the Hound end up having an epic battle that goes back and forth for a while. Brienne finally knocks the Hound off a cliff, but notices that Arya is not there waiting for her. We find Arya at the bottom with the Hound who is begging her for a quick death, but after she thinks about it she decides that would be too good for him, and then walks away. And thanks, Arya, because now we all have to sit around and wait until next season to find out if the Hound dies or survives his run in with the Bad-Ass Brienne. Arya makes her way to the coast and uses her coin from the Faceless Man from Braavos she met to score a cabin on a boat headed to Braavos. Lucky that! She sails off into the sunset and we’re left with 10 months of agony. Enjoy the long wait and we’ll be back for Season 5!


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