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TV: Game of Thrones Recap ~ Episode 8 The Mountain and the Viper

*Warning! This is full of spoilers! If you haven’t seen this episode, I strongly encourage you to avert your eyes!*

As soon as I stop crying I will get to my recap of Game of Thrones, Season 4 Episode 8, which is called The Mountain and The Viper. Why must you do this to us George RR Martin??? You give us so much and then take it all way without warning. Now that I am done sobbing, lets get to the recap. *wipes eyes*  Based on the title we know what we will eventually see, but let’s get through all the other stuff before we get to that.


The first scene shows us the Wildlings as they tear through a hotel in Mole’s Town where Samwell brought Gilly to for her protection. Ygritte sees Gilly and her baby and allows them to live. Next we’re treated to Jon Snow, Samwell, and the boys crying in their beer after hearing about the attack on the hotel. Samwell fears for the worst, and the rest of the group is more worried that the end is near as the Wildlings continue their march on Castle Black. From the preview of the next episode, it’s clear that this is going to be a huge factor in the final two episodes.

In the next scene we see Missandei bathing in the nude and being spied on by Grey Worm. Then we cut to Daenerys braiding her hair and talking about what just happened like we’re in some romantic comedy. I mean seriously, she is supposed to be the Queen and she’s braiding hair and talking about boys?
We then reconnect with one of the craziest characters on the show, Ramsay Snow. He has Theon Greyjoy convince the Ironborn men to let them pass through Moat Cailin on their way to Winterfell, and then kills them all. His father is thrilled to be completely in charge of the North now and officially gives Ramsay the name of Bolton, so he’s a bastard no more. Literally speaking, anyway.

Next we visit Lord Baelish as he tries to convince the council that he did not murder Lysa, even though he SO did that. Sansa helps him convince them, and then later he creepily stares at her as she walks into the throne room, looking very grown up. Maybe a bit of foreshadowing as to where their relationship will go? Or does she feel she has some power over Baelish now that she covered up his secret? Then we come back to Daenerys where she bans Jorah for spying on her this whole time, ignoring the fact that he did stop doing it because he fell in love with her. Before I get to what everyone is waiting for, Arya’s awesome laugh at the mention of her Aunt being dead was hilarious. She clearly was thrilled that the Hound had brought her all this way for the promise of money, and now he probably won’t get a dime.
While all this is great, what we really wanted, The Mountain and The Viper, arrives the last damn ten minutes of the episode. I could have used a little more! It starts with Tyrion and Jamie talking, which is really Tyrion attempting to come to terms with the fact that he is probably going to die. We then, in the last five minutes, finally get to the battle. Prince Oberyn is very confident that he will win, and as soon as the battle starts he begins to toy with the Mountain. He wants him to admit that he raped his sister and killed her children. It was all very Inigo Montoya. He dives and maneuvers to he finally lands his first strike, and then he lands another. He gets the Mountain where he wants him, but wants him to confess, which he does, as he is squeezing Prince Oberyn’s head like a grape till it explodes, and then appears to roll over and die himself. Tyrion is sentenced to death and then the credits roll.

So there you have it. Another really good episode that ends with a fan favorite getting brutally murdered, but the show must go on, and eventually some Lannisters are going to have to die. I mean, sure, Joffrey is dead, which is awesome, but so many more of them deserve to die. Only two more episodes left, and a lot of story lines to wrap up. Tune in for the recap of the last two episodes the week after the air.

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