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Tintera Reboot

Review: Reboot by Amy Tintera

I had read the synopsis for Reboot about a year ago and it stayed in my queue all year while I purchased other books for my students. I finally got it! Shockingly enough my husband is reading it now! It is a miracle!

Wren 178 got her number for something impressive. She was dead for 178 min before she rebooted making her an emotionless superhuman and her job is to be a soldier for HARC. She trains fellow reboots with lower numbers and goes on missions to nab new or potential reboots before they get into trouble. Humanity hates her kind. She doesn’t care. At least not until Callum 22 comes into her life. Wren may have to make some hard choices when his training doesn’t go well. Callum is only a 22 and is not expected to make it as a reboot very long. All those emotions and memories get in the way.

Reboot is a dystopian thriller. A virus outbreak‘s long lasting effect is that when you die, you come back and you are not quite the same. It is well-paced and a great read if dystopian books are your thing. There is more mature language and subject matter but nothing too major. I enjoyed it and will pick up the sequel sometime in the future.


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