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Springer Project

Review: The Paparazzi Project by Kristina Springer

Livvie Peterson has received the school projects to end all school projects. Her class has been assigned to recreate the relationship between Celebrities, the Paparazzi, and Tabloids. Livvie, an average girl who sort of swims in the middle of the high school fish pond and not noticed by many, is thrilled to snatch a job in the Paparazzi group. She’s paired up with a very cute boy from the Tabloid group, and she works hard to bring Chas Montgomery the best stories and pictures she can snap. What starts as a fun and harmless class project soon creates drama for Livvie. Not only does she have mixed feelings about what she has to do, but  it opens a Pandora’s box. How far is too far when it comes to reporting on her classmates? Once Livvie starts an anonymous blog where she posts the class tabloids for the whole school, Livvie finds herself in a story much bigger than herself that threatens to destroy her new friendship with Chas, as well as her reputation at school.

I really loved this book. While definitely a cautionary tale about posting too much personal information and how it can harm not only others, but yourself as well, it was truly funny and written in a way that was entertaining and not at all preachy. Livvie was really a great character in the respect that she wasn’t truly caught up in the idea of popularity and was happy to be average, until she got a taste of the limelight. I really enjoyed how she used her powers for good as well, in stalking her best friend’s boyfriend to uncover his two-timing ways. Springer’s books are always a breath of fresh air, a great bit of fun, and well worth the read. You’ll be laughing about it long after!

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