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Review: The One (Selection Series) by Kiera Cass

In the highly anticipated conclusion to the Selection series, Kiera Cass, FINALLY reveals who will be the next princess of Illéa. The One is the perfect finale for readers who have been swooning over America Singer’s love stories from the beginning. From rebel attacks, to secret meetings, to America being her driven and quirky self, readers are sure to throw themselves into this story.

The Selection turned America Singer’s life completely upside down. For what began as thirty-five girls hopelessly devoted to Prince Maxon has all come down to this – the final four. America Singer assumed her stay in the palace would be a short one, but it unexpectedly turned her into one of the hopeful finalists. Seeing America grow as a person and as a lover has been completely riveting. Throughout the series we see America’s feelings constantly torn between her years of love for Aspen, to her new found feelings towards Prince Maxon. Not only has America developed relationships with Maxon and Aspen, but relationships with the other girls in the Selection. The competition between the girls- at times intense- but in the end the quarrels and chaos is all worth it as they recognize nobody quite understands how it feels to be in the palace than each other. But the infamous question remains – who will Prince Maxon choose? Will America get the happily-ever-after with Maxon she has dreamed of?

Kiera Cass did an incredible job in ending this series and I am confident that readers will fall in love with this ending. The one thing I absolutely adored about these books was that I was able to get my fix of romance. But I was also able to get my fix for action; this series is definitely Hunger Games meets The Bachelor, with a touch of Divergent. I was not expecting the action side of this story when I first picked up this book, and I was continuously pleased as I continued reading. As for The One itself, I was left grasping onto a box of tissues at the end. The One made me cry, made my heart race, it even had me on the edge of my seat at times. Going through reading this book made me fall in even more love with Prince Maxon, and I felt like a proud mother seeing America Singer become in touch with her “princess-side”. I have nothing but approval and applause for Kiera Cass- I adored this series and I absolutely loved this final book.

I highly recommend this book for teens, and if you enjoy shows such as “The Bachelor” then you will become very enthralled in these books (I promise!). And hey, it is totally normal to fall in love with fictional characters- right?


Jocelyn Lancaster is the Teen Correspondent for Bookli. Scientists have also concluded that she is, in fact, the biggest book fan-girl in existence. After Jocelyn leaves high school, she plans on majoring in whatever allows her to do nothing but write and read books all day.