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Roland Midnight

Review: Married By Midnight by Talli Roland

I had the extreme pleasure of receiving an advance review copy of Talli Roland’s latest, Married By Midnight. This is a sweet and delightful tale of Kate and her upcoming Christmas wedding. Kate is sure that her fiancĂ©, Tim, is the one for her — all astrological signs point to yes, despite the fact that outside the stars, they have nothing in common. In searching for the right wedding dress, she comes across a vintage 1930s gown that has a note pinned inside. She makes it her personal mission to find the owner of the dress and learn its and her story.

Talli always knows how to write characters the reader really cares about. Kate is a sweet girl, who clearly underestimates herself on many levels and you really want to see her be happy in the end. While the story is short and sweet, it will stay with you for a while and would make for a great Christmas Eve break after wrapping a hundred presents (I would recommend with a cup of hot chocolate in front of a fire, if you’ve got that handy!)! I’ll secretly hope she revisits Kate’s story, I’d love to see what her post-Christmas life was like. Book after book, Talli Roland continues to create fun and funny stories that keep me coming back for more. I’m a fan for life! Can’t wait for the next one!