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Clare Fire

Review: City of Heavenly Fire by Cassandra Clare

City of Heavenly Fire is the final installment to Clare’s Mortal Instruments series. It finds Jace and Clary, along with the Lightwoods and Simon in a dramatic battle against Sebastian –current ruler of HELL!! (Well at least one ring of it, anyway)

I personally feel like this was a decently good ending to a whole series of issues with Jace and Clary!!! What I liked most is that, on a whim, I had already read the prequels by Cassandra Clare called the Infernal Devices. I had no idea that those characters would be in, let alone be a huge part of, the final book. I was very pleased with the detail that went into interweaving these two book series together. There were a few loose ends at the finale, which may lead into another series, but the ending was satisfying on its own.

If you haven’t read this series already, this was a very LONG ride. I didn’t recall as many of the details as I thought I would and I had to go back to my other older books when I was confused about what was going on! Problem was there are 3 Infernal Devices and 6 “City of….” books and I had no idea which one to go back to! Admittedly, I could start over and read them all straight through it wouldn’t be as much of a problem because now they are all available! Hmmmm….. maybe I will do that. I recommend the series but it is probably for the older crowd like older middle or high school.


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