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New Feature ~ Bookli First Page

Readers, we’ve got two exciting new features coming your way! Today we’ll learn all about Bookli First Page. In addition to the amazing deals, news and reviews that Bookli has been offering you in its first month out of the gate, we’ll be adding something new to help you better connect with great authors that are writing books you should be reading! Bookli will provide you with the Bookli First Page feature, where you can test drive new and new-to-you great books! Keep an eye out for for all the great pieces┬ácoming up!

Authors, this is an opportunity to not only share your deals, but your story with readers. By allowing them to sample your books right here on Bookli, you’re getting a prime spot in front of eager readers looking for their next great read! As with ads, there will be a few standards that apply. Bookli First Page will have the same standards as our Bookli Daily Deals, meaning that we want to make sure our readers are receiving some excellent quality reads. We will contact you if your Bookli First Page request has been accepted and let you know when it will be posted.

If you would like to submit your excerpt to us for Bookli First Page, please click on the link and fill out the form!