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Meet Bookli: Kelly Rakow

All month, we’ll be introducing our awesome Bookli contributors! Learn what they’re all about when it comes to books and what they’re reading!

Age: 35 in body, about a decade younger in spirit.

From: Born and raised in Elgin. Still here….

Genres: I read more YA than “adult” books, but love both. My favorites are all fiction – dystopian for YA and murder/mystery/thrilled for adult.Kelly

Favorite place to read: Curled up in my big leather chair. Preferably under a blanket on a rainy day. So cliche. Although I’m imagining that in a hammock by the ocean would work too.

How many books do you read in a year: My goal is 50, but I’ve fawn short of that the last few years. I’ve been ending up around 35.

Paperback or ebook: Paperback baby. I’m old school.

Favorite books as a kid: I’ve loved reading my whole life and my favorites were Nancy Drew and the Babysitters club.

Team Bella or Team Katniss: Katniss all the way. I *have* read all the Twilight books, but the Hunger Games ones are a bajillion times better.

Do you reread books: Not usually. The list of books I want to read is about a mile long so I almost always reach for something new.