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Jocelyn’s Review: Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell

Eleanor. Untamed red hair, hand-me-down clothes, and quick witted. Lover of clouds and music, free time is often spent reading over your shoulder, but most importantly, completely infatuated with the idea and reality of Park Sheridan. Park. Likely to win most secretly admired, can always be spotted head-to-toe in all black attire. Unable to drive stick, but has the ability to love and adore unconditionally, especially when it comes to Eleanor Douglas.

Eleanor and Park, two high school misfits, are somehow lucky enough to find one another in the twisted game known as high school. Their love story takes place in the year 1986, and is guaranteed to make you remember and wonder what it feels like to be in love. Love, not always perfect, but the imperfections are what make it all worth it; Eleanor and Park’s love for one another has the tendency to defy gravity and make you feel as though you can accomplish the same.

Where do I even begin? I was unable to put this book down; in fact, I finished Eleanor and Park in the middle of a restaurant in Wisconsin, wiping my tears with a napkin. I have read countless romance books, and even more YA romance books, but no love story has ever impacted me as much as Eleanor & Park has. I know, I sound melodramatic and love crazed like any other teenager, but this story accurately depicts young love. The nervousness, excitement, and the awkward silence you are always worried about whilst talking to that significant someone. I have never found a book that really portrayed first love as true and heart-warming as Eleanor & Park did. Rainbow Rowell’s use of imagery and small detail is what really stuck with me throughout reading. The small details, (especially the detail of rubbing vanilla behind Eleanor’s ears) are what made me fall in love with this story even more than I already was.

This is not a lukewarm love story, it is passionate and innocent yet it delivers all of the awkward and sweet moments you share with another person. Eleanor & Park is sure to be a hit, after the first few chapters I could already tell that I was going to love it. I really did, and teens are sure to gobble this story up. I recommend this book for any age, especially adults.