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Father’s Day Gifts for the Bookish Dad

Rattling your brain over what to get your Dad for Father’s Day? If he’s an avid reader, there are quite a few options that go just beyond a bookstore gift card.

1.  A New E-reader

If your pops is still rocking an older model of today’s favorite e-readers, upgrade him! They’ve made huge advancements in e-reader technology in just a couple of years. Tell him to put the Kindle with a keyboard down, it’s time for a new model! Amazon, Kobo, and Barnes & Noble offer a variety of e-readers, all touch screens now, and some for under $100. You can get one with a great glow screen for just over $100, or if Dad is okay with backlighting, spring for the Amazon Kindle Fire HD, which is an awesome deal right now at $119 for the 8G version.








2.  A New Title

There are some great books out this month for Dad, including a new suspense/horror novel by Stephen King called Mr. Mercedes, for Freakonomics fans grab Think Like a Freak by Steven Leavitt and Stephen Dubner, or if your Dad is a DIY kinda guy, he might enjoy Made by Dad: 67 Blueprints for Making Cool Stuff by Scott Bedford.












3.  The Paperback Bow-Tie

I guarantee your Dad has nothing in his collection like this Paperback Bow-Tie. It’s up cycled from old books. The seller must have run out, but you could even make Dad his very own if you’re craft enough!

pb bowtie











4. Comic Book Art

Dads who love their comic books will appreciate this canvas set of classic comic book fightin’ words! Pick these up on Etsy!












5.  Book-Themed T-Shirts

Dad will love these t-shirts from Out of Print. Each one depicts the cover of a classic piece of literature. Cool and smart, all at the same time, and all for under $30. In fact, pick up a few for yourself while you’re at it!