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Books Everywhere: Tableware

At the top of any book-lovers list, aside from where to put all the books, is how to incorporate book-themed tableware into one’s kitchen. Right? Of course it is! And at the end of the day, we all need to eat, so why not eat in style…book style! You can order book-shaped plates and platters to dazzle your bookish friends while they’re at your next dinner party! You can get these at starting at $9.99.





For your drinking pleasure and to finish setting your table, add any of the following:

Game of Thrones wine glasses and wine charms (so you don’t end up with the poisoned glass!). You can grab both of these from

GoT Wine Charms GoT Wine glass




Don’t forget to parade your ale around in style with a handmade Harry Potter-inspired Three Broomsticks pint glass from GlassBlastedArt on Etsy for $15.

3 Broomsticks