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 Daily Deals for 12.22.2014

Lipomi Deserted


Deena Lipomi


 Daily Deals for 12.19.2014

Sweeney Lone

The Lone Bostonian

Sean Sweeney


 Daily Deals for 12.17.2014

 Daily Deals for 12.15.2014

Datta Touched

Touched With Fire

Christopher Datta


 Daily Deals for 12.12.2014

 Daily Deals for 12.10.2014

 Daily Deals for 12.09.2014

Mondello Gift

The Gift

Lisa Mondello


Mondello Her Dakota

Her Dakota Man

Lisa Mondello


 Daily Deals for 12.06.2014

Ellis For

For Nicky (A Torey Hope Novel Book 1)

A.D. Ellis Orig. Price: $2.99


 Daily Deals for 12.05.2014

 Daily Deals for 12.04.2014


Bloody Little Secrets

Karly Kirkpatrick


 Daily Deals for 12.03.2014

 Daily Deals for 12.01.2014

Benefiel Zellie

The Zellie Wells Trilogy

Stacey Wallace Benefiel


 Daily Deals for 11.10.2014

Roland Midnight

Married By Midnight

Talli Roland


 Daily Deals for 11.07.2014

Allen Lying Eyes

These Lying Eyes

Amanda A. Allen Orig. Price: $4.99


 Daily Deals for 11.06.2014

 Daily Deals for 11.05.2014


White Chalk

Pavarti K. Tyler Orig. Price: $3.99


 Daily Deals for 10.30.2014

Jensen Hidden


Megg Jensen


Watson Love

Love Me

Margaret Watson


 Daily Deals for 10.23.2014

Hamm Lark

Honor’s Lark

Rachel L. Hamm Orig. Price: $3.99


 Daily Deals for 10.20.2014

Orloff Taste

The Taste

Alan Orloff


 Daily Deals for 10.14.2014

 Daily Deals for 10.09.2014

Romancing the Heart

Romancing the Heart

Christina Skye, Mimi Strong, Roxanne St. Claire, Patricia McLinn, Jennifer Blake, Donna Fasano, Tamelia Tumlin, Lindy Corbin


 Daily Deals for 10.07.2014

 Daily Deals for 09.30.2014

Eastwood Saturn

The Mark of Saturn

Joseph Eastwood


 Daily Deals for 09.29.2014

Brandenburg Return

Return to Hoffman Grove

Karla Brandenburg


 Daily Deals for 09.26.2014

Kirkpatrick New Blood

New Blood

Karly Kirkpatrick Orig. Price: $3.99


 Daily Deals for 09.25.2014

 Daily Deals for 09.23.2014


The Zodiac Collector

Laura Diamond


Odell Deadly

Deadly Secrets

Terry Odell


 Daily Deals for 09.22.2014

 Daily Deals for 09.19.2014

Kaye Summoned


Rainy Kaye Orig. Price: $2.99


 Daily Deals for 09.16.2014

Grey Hot Blooded


Kendall Grey


 Daily Deals for 09.12.2014

 Daily Deals for 09.11.2014

Lasota Artemis

Artemis Rising

Cheri Lasota Orig. Price: $3.99


 Daily Deals for 09.04.2014

 Daily Deals for 08.28.2014

Bigelow Starting

Starting From Here

Lisa Jenn Bigelow


 Daily Deals for 08.27.2014

Lykins Last

Last Heartbeat

T.R. Lykins


 Daily Deals for 08.26.2014

Springer Boy 1

Boy Swap

Kristina Springer


 Daily Deals for 08.25.2014

Cotterill Rebellion


Rachel Cotterill


 Daily Deals for 08.20.2014

Brandenburg Canvas

Living Canvas

Karla Brandenburg


 Daily Deals for 08.19.2014

Gordon Neurotica


Eliza Gordon


 Daily Deals for 08.18.2014

Loraine Katrina 1

Katrina, the Beginning

Elizabeth Loraine


 Daily Deals for 08.15.2014

Springer Project

The Paparazzi Project

Kristina Springer Orig. Price: $3.99


 Daily Deals for 08.14.2014

Steeves Maul

The National Maul

R.P. Steeves


 Daily Deals for 08.13.2014

 Daily Deals for 07.31.2014

Hamm Lark

Honor’s Lark

Rachel L. Hamm Orig. Price: $2.99


 Daily Deals for 07.30.2014

 Daily Deals for 07.29.2014

Hyde Take

Take Me With You

Catherine Ryan Hyde


 Daily Deals for 07.28.2014

Barthel Mackenzie

Mackenzie’s Cross

Sarah Barthel


 Daily Deals for 07.25.2014

 Daily Deals for 07.24.2014

Arenson Requiem

Requiem’s Song

Daniel Arenson Orig. Price: $2.99


 Daily Deals for 07.23.2014

 Daily Deals for 07.22.2014

Rowell Fangirl


Rainbow Rowell


 Daily Deals for 07.21.2014

Rowell EP

Eleanor & Park

Rainbow Rowell


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 Daily Deals for 07.08.2014

Jack Queen

Queen of the Hill

Genevieve Jack


 Daily Deals for 07.07.2014


White Chalk

Pavarti K. Tyler


 Daily Deals for 07.03.2014

Arenson Light

A Legacy of Light

Daniel Arenson


 Daily Deals for 07.02.2014

 Daily Deals for 07.01.2014

 Daily Deals for 06.30.2014

Lee Blue

The Bluebird House

Rae Ellen Lee Orig. Price: $3.99


 Daily Deals for 06.27.2014

Lasota Echoes

Echoes in the Glass

Cheri Lasota Orig. Price: $3.99



Sticks and Stones

Shawn McGuire


 Daily Deals for 06.26.2014

 Daily Deals for 06.25.2014

 Daily Deals for 06.24.2014



Rachele Alpine


 Daily Deals for 06.23.2014

Jensen Hidden

Hidden (Dragonlands Book 1)

Megg Jensen Orig. Price: $2.99


 Daily Deals for 06.20.2014

Springer Boy 1

Boy Swap

Kristina Springer Orig. Price: $3.99


 Daily Deals for 06.19.2014


Challenging Destiny

Cherie Colyer


 Daily Deals for 06.18.2014


Nocturnal Fate

J.D. Robinson


 Daily Deals for 06.17.2014


Coffee Cup Tales

Richard Keller


 Daily Deals for 06.16.2014

Shine Harp 1

Harp’s Song (Harp’s Song #1)

Cassie Shine Orig. Price: $2.99


 Daily Deals for 06.13.2014

 Daily Deals for 06.12.2014

 Daily Deals for 06.11.2014

Springer Project

The Paparazzi Project

Kristina Springer Orig. Price: $3.99


 Daily Deals for 06.10.2014


Elegantly Wasted

C. Elizabeth Vescio


 Daily Deals for 06.09.2014

 Daily Deals for 06.06.2014


Dark Dealings

Karen Victoria Smith


 Daily Deals for 06.05.2014


Family Magic

Patti Larsen


 Daily Deals for 06.04.2014

Lee Husband

My Next Husband Will Be Normal

Rae Ellen Lee Orig. Price: $3.99


 Daily Deals for 06.03.2014


The No-Kids Club

Talli Roland


 Daily Deals for 06.02.2014


Tales of Ever

Jen Wylie Orig. Price: $3.99