Fantasy Paranormal


Nocturnal Fate
J.D. Robinson

When Nickolas von Klaus, the long thought dead Prince of the Vampire Court, awakens from an unplanned hibernation, he finds his nation on the brink of civil war. Armed with a mission from his god, Nickolas starts his search for the newest Lightwalker, but finds instead the young wielder of Orion’s Blade, Seth, who’s on a search of his own. Can Nickolas help Seth find his brother who was stolen by the rogue faction of vampires while gathering forces of his own? Or will they be too late to save Seth’s brother?

Book 1 of the Lightwalkers Novelette Series is 22,000 words. This story follows multiple points of view to create a compelling, fast paced narrative. In this book, you’re introduced to the cast of characters and follow Nick, Jon, Seth, and Sin’s points of view.

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