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Holding On To Us
A.E. Neal

*This book is intended for mature readers 17+ only. Contains sexual content, explicit language and adult situations*

Kennedy Allen, hasn’t always had the best luck with her relationships. She’s been jilted, and the fear of becoming attached has left her tone deaf to the idea of true love. She’s promised herself to never become emotionally involved with the men she sees. Because, what the would consequences be if she actually did fall in love?

Zac Monroe is the sexy bassist for the band, #HashTag. He’s made the best of his bad boy reputation. But after a long, unhappy run of encounters with the band’s groupies, he’s decided he’s done. He set his mind on the woman he’s never allowed himself pursue, the only one he’s ever really wanted: his sister’s best friend, Kennedy.

Kennedy and Zac are dysfunctional in every sense of the word. After giving into lust-fueled temptation, their relationship fast becomes more intense than either of them can handle and they choose to walk away. But with each step away from each other, they find themselves wanting to be closer together.

Now the only question is: how long can they actually resist each other?

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