Action & Adventure Thrillers

Buckley Colonel

The Colonel of Krasnoyarsk
Pete Buckley

When the discovery of a murdered FBI Agent in a Manhattan apartment coincides with the arrival in New York city of a mysterious high ranking Russian agent from Siberia; a high speed manhunt is sparked that begins in the city streets and leads the dead agent’s former partner Jim Bergman, deep into the woods of New England. The elusive Russian spy however is not what he at first appears and new plans must be made quickly if the real killer is to be found and Bergman is to escape the fate that befell his partner.

The Colonel of Krasnoyarsk is a fast moving adventure thriller that introduces Colonel Yuri Medev of the Russian Military Intelligence service, the GRU; and Agent Jim Bergman of the FBI who are brought together in an unexpected alliance against a common enemy – the shadowy international gang boss known as Nikovich. Medev’s own plans are further disrupted by a chance encounter with beautiful dance student Juli Regan on the night of his arrival in the city, but does he unwittingly put one of the few people he cares about in danger…

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