Women's Fiction

Lee Blue

The Bluebird House
Rae Ellen Lee

The place: Montana. The time: the present. After a nearly fatal encounter with a moose and a terrifyingly close brush with middle age, Molly reassesses her life. The result: she ends her stale marriage and moves to a former mining camp where, for the price of a used car, she buys The Bluebird House, the site of an old bordello. She hires Ben–a carpenter, poet, gourmet cook and mountain man–to help her renovate the building. Molly can’t help but be attracted to the younger man, until she discovers that he was once tried and acquitted of a gruesome murder. Shocked, she tries to uncover the truth behind the murder and Ben’s part in it. Meanwhile, intrigued by her new surroundings, Molly finds the journal of her predecessor–the German-born madam of The Bluebird House–and learns her story.

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